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Divorce Day: What Is That?


Every January 5th, some magazine produces an article on the state of American marriages. Why January 5th, you ask? Well, it is the first workday after the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Each year, divorce attorneys are bombarded by more calls from agitated spouses looking to divorce than any other day of the year. This year, it gave the married-dating site Ashley Madison an opportunity to opine on how cheating can actually save your marriage. Meanwhile, Divorce Days since 2020 have been quite hectic for divorce attorneys. More couples are calling to get information about divorce than ever before, although the rate of actual divorces has declined during the pandemic.

Legal firms specializing in divorce have recorded a 95% increase in divorce-related calls. However, the number of actual divorces filed actually fell during the pandemic with couples likely taking a “wait and see” attitude while the health crisis persists. Meanwhile, Ashley Madison reports that there was an increase in the number of subscriptions on Divorce Day. In fact, every year since the pandemic the site has reported peaks in subscriptions following the holidays.

Can having an open relationship save your marriage? 

That depends entirely on the spouses who are involved. The survey was taken from the Ashley Madison website which precludes individuals who would never cheat on their spouses. It is further unclear how many spouses are aware that their spouses have accounts on the site. Nonetheless, their reports are intriguing. According to surveys taken on the site, only 11% of their members believe that divorce would improve their situation. In fact, the majority of the members reported that divorcing their spouse would leave them feeling more guilty than having an affair. Most of them have no interest in divorcing. About 75% reported not having any marital stressors prior to the pandemic.

Cheating and adultery, while remaining one of the primary causes of divorce, is becoming less of a threat to otherwise strong marriages. Meanwhile, marriages are becoming less about having a sexual partner than they are about running a household. In that type of zeitgeist, you can see how opening up a marriage can actually save the marriage from divorce. Nonetheless, most individuals in marriages still prefer exclusive relationships to open partnerships with multiple sexual partners. It’s all about what the couple agrees to and whether or not they consider sexual infidelity a deal-breaker. While Ashley Madison is likely to produce skewed results from their webpage simply because they cater to married cheaters, the self-reported data indicates that these cheaters do want their marriages to survive albeit on terms their spouses may not agree to.

Talk to a Philadelphia Divorce Attorney 

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