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Category Archives: Prenuptial Agreements


What is a Mid-Nuptial Agreement?

By Lauren H. Kane |

You’ve heard of prenuptial agreements. But have you heard of mid-nuptial agreements? Probably not. But it’s becoming more popular among couples for a variety of reasons. Prenuptial agreements involve terms for settling the divorce estate before the marriage is finalized. Midnuptial agreements, on the other hand, occur during the marriage. In some cases, a… Read More »

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Writing a Premarital Agreement? Make Sure It is Valid

By Lauren H. Kane |

Premarital agreements are no longer considered unromantic documents that make divorce inevitable. Today, more and more couples are creating premarital agreements in order to feel more comfortable when entering into a marriage. However, the terms of a premarital agreement only work they are written properly and considered valid by the Pennsylvania courts. If you… Read More »

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