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Extremely Awesome!!!!

Lauren represented me in 2 cases in which she has fought very hard while working diligently and effortless to resolve both issues. She is passionate, compassionate, empathetic and very understanding. She is an excellent attorney and I am glad that I found her.

amazing attorney

Lauren is an amazing attorney she did a great job she worked hard and got me a more than fair settlement. Truly recommend her she knows her stuff and will fight for you. Not only was she my attorney she has become a friend.

We'd Give Lauren 10 Stars If We Could

If we could give Lauren H. Kane 10 stars, we would!! We would recommend Lauren for any legal matter, but particularly family law as she was instrumental in winning our custody case. I had two bad experiences with two NJ lawyers that took my money and got me nowhere, so I was somewhat skeptical. However, Lauren made it look easy and confirmed the fact that I was taken advantage of by the other two lawyers. Lauren had my back from the beginning and never stopped fighting for our cause …. returning my son to our custody. She is a fireball in court ….. exactly what we needed! Our case was being handled in NJ, yet my husband and I live in Maine. That didn’t matter, Lauren was very understanding, gathered and researched all information/documentation I sent, she explained details to us, she kept us informed on developments, stood up for us, explained things to us, researched case law, prepared exceptional court documents……very thorough, very professional and very successful!!! I can honestly say we looked good in court! She was worth every penny we spent on her services! And we were so blessed with the positive results Lauren gained for us. We cannot thank her more!!! Again, we would recommend to anyone in the PA/NJ area with any legal problems to give Lauren H. Kane a call.


Ms. Kane kept my contact with the defendant and her representatives at a minimum.

Experienced Fighter For What is Right!

My nephew's son was taken into DHS custody two years ago when the boy's mother failed to adequately care for him. Despite having custody of another child and having done nothing wrong to prevent my nephew from gaining custody, endless, non-productive court hearings ensued with a prior attorney which led to much anger and frustration. We searched for a replacement attorney who would cut through the bureaucratic and judicial nightmare to help my nephew gain custody of his son. We found Lauren in a website search. References like this one convinced us she was the attorney we wanted and after an initial interview, where Lauren showed her compassion, understanding and laid out a plan to wrest custody of our child from DHS - we knew she was the attorney we needed/wanted - and she was! From the start, she promised she would get my nephew's son back for him as soon as possible. She fought hard for us, keeping us apprised of her progress as well as being open to our suggestions and listening to our comments and frustrations. She was our guide through this emotionally charged time, which wasn't always easy, and she did as she promised - obtained a court order returning physical and legal custody of his son to my nephew! If you are looking for someone with experience in family matters, who is caring, compassionate, knowledgeable - and a fighter for your cause - you want Lauren Kane! I recommend her to you without reservation!

Honest and outstanding attorney

Don't believe the few unjustified comments. Lauren is an outstanding attorney. She has been with me for 2 1/2 years, day and night. She has done phenomenal work for me. She has always been well prepared, returned my calls promptly, been very honest with me, and has had a mastery of the facts of my case. And for the record, she won my case for me, despite multiple setbacks from the other side. She always had faith even when I thought it was hopeless. I would never hesitate to recommend her to anybody.

Lauren H. Kane, a client advocate

The decision to end my marriage after 25 years was mentally and emotionally challenging and frightening, as it was occurring at a time when I had envisioned my now ex husband and I would be enmeshed in renewing our initial attraction, having now approached that empty nest reality.

At our first meeting, Lauren was personable and engaging as she listened to my circumstances and concerns and informed me of the legal options she could pursue to best represent me.

Her expertise and knowledge provided me with a greater appreciation for all of the work required for her to do while handling my case.

Over a nearly two year period, I was in constant contact as legal deadlines and filings were handled by Lauren, with all obligations met on time.

As a personal advocate that cares for and seeks the best outcomes for her clients, Lauren H. Kane can be relied upon to do her best to meet that expectation.

Phenomenal attorney and person

Lauren is both knowledgable and compassionate about family law. She has literally saved me from a horrific divorce. She is down to earth and fair. I know that she cares about my case and about me. It is such a comfort to work with such an awesome person and attorney. I highly recommend her.

A legal source of "hope"!

Lauren defies the stereotype of the "crooked lawyer." She is tough but compassionate, aggressive but professional and honest--with her clients and the opposition. She is readily accessible via phone, text and email and responsive--even on weekends! She knows the law and is detail-oriented. She is an excellent writer and a strong litigator. Moreover, Lauren cares about her clients: you will not simply be a source of billable hours to her. She is not a fee churner. If having an experienced, strong advocate is important to you, but equally so is maintaining your personal integrity throughout your legal process, Lauren is the family law attorney to hire. I recommend her highly.

Having the right lawyer!

I used google to find a lawyer to help me with my divorce.

After reading about Lauren H Kane, I knew that she would be the right person to help with my case.

It should have been a very straight forward non contest case, but unfortunately it did not turn out that way.

Before Lauren took my case - she was very clear in asking me if there was any chance of a reconciliation, as this was something not to be taken lightly. I explained that the marriage was definitely over - but it struck me then that Lauren was the right person for my case - and her belief in marriage was very strong.

Lauren took on my case and filed a non-contest divorce. Based on the fact that there were no children involved and just house, cars and pensions to settle, this should have been quite straight forward. However my ex felt he deserved much more (since we had been married 24 years). Lauren explained to me that because of the length of marriage, he was entitled, but she would fight for a reasonable outcome.
This is where Lauren really shined. 3 long years of back and forth finally came to an end in April 2013.

Lauren showed compassion for my situation - a female earning good money, and a soon to be ex trying to get as much money out of the marriage as he could.

Lauren was professional but also very compassionate - she would ensure that I was kept informed every step of the way. We had regular calls where she would clearly explain to me what was happening and more importantly why it was happening.
Soon after hiring Lauren I moved to New York City, but the distance did not cause any issues with the communication.

Lauren's deep knowledge of the law in this subject helped protect me and my assets - my ex was trying to take as much of my pensions and assets as he could. We came in front of a judge a few times and Lauren would always make sure I understood what was happening as well as look after my well being in court.

There were many occassions in court where the opposing lawyer did not prepare or provide court ordered documents - Lauren was sure to point out to the judge that we had always been compliant and always provided everything that was ordered. this acutally helped in the final settlement hearing. It was unfortunate that my ex would not agree upon the terms we had prepared, so finally a judge had to make the decision for us.

The fact that Lauren was so thorough and we left no stone unturned, made the judges decision far easier. My ex was claiming alimony, but had failed to submit 1 single document out of 17 that were ordered by the court.

I am so glad that I did not have his lawyer!

Based on this, Lauren appealed to the judge (I told Lauren I needed this to be over) - she managed to get a settlement decision and I did not have to pay the alimony that my ex was seeking.

It was so exhausting and frustrating, but Lauren would always keep focused and would talk to me (calm me down) and help me understand what the situation was.

I cannot thank Lauren enough for getting me through a very traumatic time.

You see, I am an expat with no family in the USA, so I really had no one but my lawyer - and I am so glad I found Lauren. The nightmare is over now (April 2013) and I am able to continue my life knowing my future is protected thanks to her.

I would recommend Lauren to anyone considering divorce.

the best the lawyer's lawyer

Lauren Kane is the best the lawyer's lawyer and I am surprised that she hasn't been picked to sit as a judge. Makes sure that you get your money's worth and then some. If I ever need another lawyer again, it will most definitely be Lauren H. Kane.

Worked hard, got results!

More than just a lawyer

I initially called Lauren for a question that delt with an issue I was still going through with daycare payments that was still being withdrawn from my check although my son is close to 16 years of age. She listened and gave me advice. This was on her time and did not charge. A few weeks past and I received court dates for matters of custody and child support. I was devastated as I've been overpaying for years. I've gone to court twice before and left with my tail between my legs. I hired Lauren and it was like hiring a big brother (or sister) to protect you. I never felt safer than when we went for a hearing and she fought for everything that I was due for. She didn't miss any issues and actually lowered my monthly child support. She was professional, tough, knowledgeable and thorough. I can't say enough about her (as you can see). My advice, give her a call. Explain your situation to her. She's willing to listen. Don't make a mistake and think you can do things yourself like I did. She has a long career and it shows why when you see her in action. She is more than just a lawyer, she is someone who will make you believe that life is worth living again.

The best lawyer I have ever had with a special case as mine since I was not present at the hearing since I'm in Arizona.

Since she was refered by a friend in 2004, She represented me with deligence and integrity. She understood my emotions since I was a wreck and advised me of the situation that made me feel at ease. I was relocated to Arizona and unable to be at all the hearings due to the expenses and kept well informed and saved me money and time off work and most of all ease of mind. I would recommend her to anyone seeking representation. Thank you very much Lauren H. Kane attorney at law.

Great Lawyer and person

I have known Lauren H. Kane for over ten years. She worked on my child custody case, as well as, reffering a personal injury lawyer for me. She is very professioal and timely and keeps you informed on everything that is going on. If not for Lauren, I know I would not have made out as well as I did in my custody battle. That case lasted a total of 9 years!! Her refferal for my personal injury case, Richard P. Haaz, had me awarded over 1 million dollars in damages. I can't say enough good things about Ms. Kane. I can't believe anyone would have any negative comments about her or her work.

Lauren Kane is exceptional!

Lauren is exceptional! Lauren has done such a great job that my now ex-wife (the defendant) has tried to slander her name in retaliation to the results of the proceedings. Lauren knows court procedures all too well and is capable of managing the most difficult cases with highest grade of professional expertise. Lauren is by far the best attorney that represented me or any other person that I know. The proof is in the results. Lauren aggressively sought to bring fairness to the court room for me and my children. There were times during the build up to the proceedings that I felt it was me against the whole system .. the world even. Soon after I expressed this to Lauren I felt as though she was the only person I could cout on to support me in this conflict. Her strong backing and expertise enabled me to receive joint custody, retain my home with no buyout, pay no child support, no alimony, and better yet have a piece of mind of knowing that if my emotionally disturbed ex created more issues that I could count on Lauren's assistance in the future. She has proven that she is a great attorney. I keep a very small circle of trust and I trust Lauren Kane. I consider Lauren Kane a friend for life!

Appreciative Client and now Friend
Trustworthy and Knowledgeable Attorney

Lauren Kane is a hardworking and extremely knowledgeable attorney. She is patient and understanding to many situations and does an extremely excellent job representing her clients. If you are looking for a honest and caring lawyer, Lauren Kane is someone to hire.

Top notch!

Lauren Kane is an outstanding attorney! Extremely intelligent, diligent and a outstanding persuasive speaker! I am an attorney and I refer cases to Ms. Kane because she my go-to attorney...a true expert in the field.

Dedicated and Professional Advocate. You can't go wrong!

Lauren Kane has been representing my family for years. We have had complicated family law issues, both in PA and NJ and she's been professional, sharp, and expert in each state. I cannot recommend her highly enough. You absolutely cannot go wrong with her.

By the way, I'm an attorney also. (If I were to represent myself or my family I would have fools for clients!) I would only trust my family's issues to someone whose standards and ethics are above reproach. Lauren is knowlegable, zealous and passionate about her work. She puts in the time and she is well worth it. What more can I say? She is a lawyer's lawyer.

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