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Philadelphia Family Lawyer > Blog > Divorce > Why is Divorce so Common in Subsequent Marriages?

Why is Divorce so Common in Subsequent Marriages?


Many people want to take a second chance on love and so they enter into a second or third marriage. Unfortunately, the odds are stacked against subsequent marriages. While it is true that approximately half of all first marriages end in divorce, the stats are even worse for those that have been married before. Second marriages are 67 percent more likely to end in divorce, while 74 percent of third marriages dissolve eventually. So, why are subsequent marriages so likely to end in divorce?

Getting Married for the Wrong Reasons

People sometimes get married for the first time for the wrong reasons, and that holds true for second marriages, as well. People that have been divorced before may feel lonely or just be excited about the prospect of entering into a romantic relationship again. People that rush into marriage for any reason may not know enough about their spouse’s personalities and habits.

Relationships are More Complicated

It has often been said that when two people marry, they do not only marry each other. They also marry the other person’s family. In second and third marriages, each spouse may have a bigger family than they did when they got married the first time. They will have former spouses, and even children from their previous marriage.

All of these relationships have a tendency to become much more complicated, particularly when one person is not happy and another has moved on. Stepchildren could start to feel resentful, or former spouses on either side may try to start drama. This behavior places an extra strain on the marriage and sadly, many marriages do not survive it.


Money is always a topic of concern in a marriage, and this also holds true for second and third marriages. In fact, money issues in a subsequent marriage are even more common than in first marriages. In a second or third marriage, one spouse may have to pay child support or spousal support, which can breed resentment in the other spouse. Second and third marriages also typically have more complex financial issues. One or both spouses could have significant savings in a retirement account and fights may erupt on how to spend the money.

No Fear of the Unknown

Sometimes people stay in an unhappy marriage simply because they are so scared of the idea of divorce. When a person has been through a divorce, he or she no longer has the fear of the unknown and so, he or she may be more willing to end the marriage quicker than he or she did the first time.

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