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How to Separate from Your Spouse Without Moving Out


In Pennsylvania, spouses that want a divorce must live separately and apart for at least one year before filing. Fortunately, living separate and apart does not mean living in separate residences. Even if the parties reside under the same roof but lead separate lives and do not have marital relations, the courts will determine that they have lived separately.

Living separately while under the same roof is not easy for many couples going through a divorce. So, if you are currently trying to live separately and apart from your spouse while still sharing the same house, below are some tips to follow that may help.

Establish Boundaries

Boundaries are always important when going through a divorce, but they become critical when people are ending their relationship and living in the same house. The best way to establish boundaries is for one spouse to reside in one bedroom or better yet, another floor entirely, and the other spouse to reside somewhere else in the home. If children are involved in the divorce, you should also create a schedule for caring for the children.

Inventory Assets

Property division issues are some of the most contentious in many divorce cases. To avoid disputes, collect as much information as you can about your finances. Obtain a statement for every account, asset, and debt you and your spouse held both jointly and individually at the time of separation. This proactive approach will help you identify which property is considered marital and which is considered non-marital.

Also start living completely separate financially from your spouse. Open your own bank accounts, review and make necessary changes to your estate plan, and keep track of which bills you pay and which bills your spouse is responsible for paying. Preparing for having a household with only one income, and the possibility of increased debt, can help you prepare for what life will be like once the divorce is over.

Consider Confidentiality

You will likely talk to your friends, family members, and your attorney about issues in the divorce, and you may not want your spouse to overhear. Remember that when you live under the same roof, your spouse could easily listen to anything you say over the phone. Find ways to speak privately with people, whether that is going for a walk or sitting in your car while you chat. Also remember to remove yourself as a user from any shared computers, and to check any shared accounts, such as cloud services, that would allow your spouse to gain access to your information.

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