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Divorce Study: Some Become More Productive At Work After A Divorce


Psychologically speaking, divorce creates a lot of upheaval. The upheaval is so significant that it actually changes the way you think. Those under a great deal of stress tend not to look backward or forward, but rather at the road ahead of them. That means focusing on the task at hand. Does this produce more productivity? Perhaps. Is it good to live under that sort of stress? Probably not.

About 44% of those polled said that divorce negatively impacted their work while 39% said their divorce had a positive impact on their careers. While 39% isn’t most people, it was surprising for researchers to discover that some folks respond to divorce by throwing themselves into their work.

Divorce impacts everyone negatively 

The upheaval caused by a divorce forces people to make rapid changes in their lives quickly. They immediately enter a new normal that is accented by filing deadlines, stress over the children, financial fallout, and more. A career, particularly a stable and rewarding one provides an outlet to feel good and in control of potential problems that can occur. It also gets your mind off of the negative consequences of divorce. While that can be good, those consequences must be dealt with directly. So, while your boss might be happy your productivity has temporarily increased, it probably isn’t helping you cope with your new normal.

In other cases, a married person may feel as though they’re being held back by their marriage or they can’t commit to something rewarding because of obligations. In that case, the divorce may be healthy in terms of both productivity and psychology. It remains unclear how that 39% fractions out, but distracting yourself with work and engaging in something that feeds your spirit are two very different things conjoined in a single number.

Divorce impacts everyone positively 

No matter how excruciating your divorce is or how much animosity you feel toward your partner, there are positives that come from a divorce and one of them is the ability to forge a new path forward. This changes your entire mindset about your future, but only if you aren’t looking backward, attempting to save your marriage, or looking for proof that you are a good person. Many people fall into the trap of looking back and so they cannot recognize the positives that are still there in their lives.

Ultimately, if your work improves during your divorce, you should wonder why. If it’s because you need a distraction, then it may be more helpful to talk to a divorce coach, a resource that way too few people employ.

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