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Monthly Archives: January 2023


Divorce And PTSD: Understanding Divorce’s Impact On The Psyche

By Lauren H. Kane |

In 1967, precocious scientists invented the Social Readjustment Rating Scale, essentially defining which life events cause the most stress. As might be expected, a death in the family rated the highest with divorce coming in at number two. The study indicated that divorce causes more stressful changes to an individual’s life than most other… Read More »

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Popular Actress Gets A Rash After Divorce

By Lauren H. Kane |

Kaley Cuoco revealed in an interview that her divorce was so stressful that she developed a skin rash that rendered her unable to walk for several weeks. It was then that she decided to reach out and ask for help. Not only did she find a good therapist to talk to about her issues,… Read More »

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