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Monthly Archives: July 2022


Study: Old Photos With Frowns Predict Divorce

By Lauren H. Kane |

Can you be found frowning in one of your old photos? If so, this could mean that your marriage is 5 times more likely to end in divorce than others who ostensibly smile in every photo that’s ever been taken. For this study, researchers gaged the “smile intensity” of photos provided from the college’s… Read More »

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Do Men Don’t Ask For Alimony In Divorces? They Should

By Lauren H. Kane |

Alimony is a completely separate consideration from child support. Alimony or spousal support payments are paid by one spouse to another to help them maintain their standard of living for a set period of time after a divorce. While men have traditionally been the breadwinners in relationships, the tide has turned. Now, women can… Read More »

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