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What Not to Do After Divorce


Going through a divorce is emotionally difficult, but it can still often come with a sense of relief that the process is over. Now that you are starting your new life, you may feel the sense of freedom that it brings. However, there are certain actions that can still land you in trouble, and that you should avoid at all costs. Always remember that even though your divorce decree is final, the case can still be brought back to court by your former spouse. Avoiding the actions below can prevent that from happening.

Failing to Comply with the Divorce Decree

Your final divorce order is a court order and it is legally binding. If you fail to comply with child custody or child support orders, it could lead to big trouble. Your former spouse has the right to take you to court to enforce any part of your divorce decree. If a judge finds that you are in violation of an order, they may levy certain penalties, which can even include finding you in contempt of court.

If you feel as though you cannot meet certain responsibilities outlined in the final decree, seek a modification from the court rather than changing it on your own.

Purchasing Lavish Items

There are certain things you may have to buy once your divorce is final, such as new furniture and perhaps even a new vehicle if your former spouse was awarded the marital vehicle in the divorce. It is essential that you still do not buy anything unless you absolutely need it.

Although it is freeing to be completely in control of your own finances, if you spend too much or purchase too many unnecessary items, your ex may use it against you. This is particularly true if you are paying alimony or child support. Your former spouse may claim that you can afford to pay more than you are doing, and seek a modification from the court.

Posting Everything to Social Media

Just because you have gotten a divorce does not mean that you can never post to social media again. However, it is important that you are very careful about what you post. Never post something just to infuriate your ex and do not post anything rude about your former spouse. Always ask yourself before posting why you are posting it, and how you think your former spouse will react. If it will anger him or her, it may also prompt him or her to take legal action against you, which you definitely want to avoid.

Not Keeping in Touch with Your Pennsylvania and New Jersey Family Lawyer

You do not have to communicate with your Philadelphia family lawyer every day, or even every week after your divorce. However, you should contact them if any issues arise post-divorce about your former marriage. If you need to seek a modification from the court after your divorce is final, or need to enforce an order, our experienced attorney at the Law Offices of Lauren H. Kane is here to help. Call us today at (215) 918-9453 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.

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