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Philadelphia Family Lawyer > Blog > Divorce > Study: Only Children More Likely to Get Divorced

Study: Only Children More Likely to Get Divorced


Do you have siblings? Did you know that this decreases your chances of getting a divorce? A recent study indicates that growing up around brothers and sisters actually reduces the chances that you will divorce later in life. Meanwhile, only children appear to be more likely to divorce. In fact, the more siblings you have, the lower the likelihood you will get divorced. Each additional sibling reduces the chances of divorce by 11% according to the study.

Interpreting the data 

Experts believe that growing up in a household with brothers and sisters increases a youngster’s social skills and prepares them better for marriage later in life. According to marriage data gleaned from China, the prospects of divorce were directly related to family size. While it is unknown how family size directly impacts the divorce rate, experts agree that socialization with numerous brothers and sisters tends to have an impact on divorce later in life. It may also be tied to a general system of values that prizes large family sizes. Further, family size could be related to economic prospects but one thing is for sure, your chances of divorcing after coming from a large family are much smaller than an only child.

Analyzing sibling data

 Having siblings may not just boost your chances of sustaining a marriage. It also increases your chances for successful socialization, better grades, better empathy, and an easier time with conflict resolution. These could all also increase your prospects for sustaining a marriage—especially the ability to avoid and resolve conflicts when they occur, anticipate when conflicts will occur, and avoid conflict when possible.

Divorce statistics have gone down in 2023 

While everyone thought that the COVID pandemic would increase the divorce rate, it didn’t end up doing that in the states. The Chinese reported that the divorce rate skyrocketed, but the U.S. did not see a significant spike in the number of divorces. In fact, it appears that the divorce rate has been declining since the 70s when that statistic concerning half of all marriages ending in divorce was first promulgated.

In 2022, nearly 700,000 marriages ended in divorce. However, there were nearly 3 times as many marriages in that same period. While it’s unknown how many marriages will end in divorce, the rate of divorce to marriage is very close to 1:3. In other words, for every one divorce there are three new marriages. So, divorces aren’t as popular as they once were.

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