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Should You Hire A Divorce Coach?


Most folks lean on their divorce attorneys for support when they are going through a divorce. This is especially true of men who tend to lack the social support of their wives as they navigate divorced life. Women tend to have stronger personal friendships outside of their marriage which gives them a softer landing than men. So, the folks who need a divorce coach the most, men, are the least likely to think the expenditure is worth it or invest in their own emotional well-being.

The biggest problem for men after a divorce is committing to a new normal. Men often find themselves spinning their wheels, nostalgic over the past, or hoping their former wives will rekindle their relationship. This only prolongs their suffering, causes them to ruminate on all of the things they did wrong, or blame their former spouse for causing their current emotional state. None of these are helpful, however, and all of these tend to cause more profound distress than moving forward would.

For that reason, some individuals hire divorce coaches who provide positive social reinforcement and focus individuals on meeting new goals for their new life as opposed to ruminating over the life they’ve lost. Men almost always lack these resources in their lives.

What does a divorce coach do? 

Divorce coaches provide a range of services. These include helping parents interact with each other for the sake of the children, but also, helping spouses move on with their lives and rebuild. The latter can be quite difficult for some individuals. These individuals almost always tend to be men. So divorce coaches may help spouses interact with each other for the sake of the children, but they also help spouses focus on their future and move forward from the divorce.

Why pay for a divorce coach? 

You’d be shocked to find out how many times spouses and/or parents bicker over things they actually agree on. When you’re navigating divorce, you’re navigating an emotional minefield and one person may want to solve a problem while the other person wants to vent their feelings. Divorce coaches can thus turn down the heat on conversations that appear to be going nowhere and help spouses communicate their needs in a way that doesn’t trigger emotional battles. In the end, this can save you money by helping both sides to hammer out details of the divorce as opposed to endless bickering over the past.

For men especially, having a safe place to vent your emotions is a godsend. While men tend to downplay their emotional stress, this has a tendency to make it worse. They also tend to rely on their wives for socializing. This results in isolation and brooding. So the people most likely in need of a divorce coach remain the least likely to reach out to one.

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