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Philadelphia Family Lawyer > Blog > Divorce > Keeping Costs Low with an Uncontested Divorce: What to Avoid

Keeping Costs Low with an Uncontested Divorce: What to Avoid


Uncontested divorce provides for a streamlined divorce process. When the couple can agree on all major aspects relevant to their divorce, they can present the court with a divorce decree and reduce costs related to legal fees. In this article, the Philadelphia divorce lawyers at The Law Offices of Lauren H. Kane will discuss common mistakes to avoid during an uncontested divorce.

Not documenting your discussions with your spouse

While you are negotiating with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, you should document any agreements that you reach. Documented evidence is absolutely critical to your divorce case and this is especially true as it relates to negotiating terms. Misunderstandings and disputes can arise when agreements are not well documented. What began as a mutual understanding can eventually become a major point of contention.

If a couple verbally agrees on a specific arrangement for visitation but fails to document this in their divorce agreement, one party may remember the issue differently than the other. So, it’s important to document all agreements you make with your spouse in writing so that you both have something to refer to later when the agreement is no longer fresh in your memory.

Failing to account for financial details 

It’s easy to overlook certain aspects of your divorce when it comes to your finances. Divorce financials include the divestment of the marital estate and the division of property. But it also includes debts, retirement accounts, and tax implications. Failure to consider these aspects of your divorce can cost you money down the road. To avoid such a mistake, you should consider consulting a financial advisor who will help you hammer out an agreement.

Failing to consider an unpredictable future 

Some divorcing couples will fail to consider how their post-divorce life will play out. Life can be unpredictable and divorce heralds major upheaval in the lives of both parties. An agreement that seems reasonable at the time may not seem reasonable down the road. This is especially true when children are involved. It’s imperative to include language in your divorce agreement that allows for the ability to amend the agreement later.

Rushing the process 

Uncontested divorces are over quicker than contested divorces and you may have a vested interest in moving the process along as quickly as possible. This doesn’t mean that you should. Rushing through the process is more likely to result in conflicts and disputes that end up costing you money. You want to hammer out an agreement, yes, but you want to ensure that agreement is actionable and complete. Rushing through the process results in problems that can arise from a failure to consider the details.

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