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Four Realities Of Divorce


You will face many new realities when going through a divorce. Of course, you will no longer live with your spouse and you will face life as a single person, perhaps after several years or even decades of doing so. However, there are some realities of divorce that are not talked about as often. If you are considering divorce, or the process has already started, below are the four realities of divorce to keep in mind.

You May Not Find the Freedom You had Hoped For

If you are already at the point where you are considering divorce, you may already see many positive things about ending your marriage. This is normal. By the time a marriage comes to an end, feelings have already been hurt and you are likely already quite upset and stressed. It is natural to want to put that all behind you and look forward to the freedom the single life will bring you.

It is important to be prepared for the fact that this may not happen, though. Even if you get an ideal divorce, in which both you and your spouse agree to all terms, you will still be reminded of your marriage, and the different feelings associated with it. You will still have to face birthdays, holidays, and school events in a way you did not before, particularly if children are involved.

Your Marriage Existed

Going hand in hand with the reality outlined above, you will still have memories of your marriage after divorce, regardless of how hard you may try to put them behind you. To move forward in your new life in the healthiest way possible, you must acknowledge that even if it is over, your marriage still existed. Find a way to deal with the memories in a healthy manner, and remember that it may take time before you can fully move on from it.

Your Social Life May Change

It is a true but unfortunate fact that your social life may change after divorce. Couples are often mutual friends of other people and once your marriage ends, you may find that some of those people remain the friend of your spouse, while not keeping in touch with you. It is important to remember that relationships sometimes naturally shift and that just because you are losing some friends does not mean there are no opportunities to make new ones.

Your Ex May Still Be in Your Life

Again, after a divorce, you may want to forget about your marriage, and your ex, and never think about them again. This is not always possible, particularly if you and your spouse had children together. You will still need to see them when making child custody drop-offs and pick-ups, so it is important to prepare for this. During these times, you must remain cordial and civil with your spouse for the sake of the children.

Our Family Lawyer in Philadelphia Can Help You Prepare for Divorce

You will have many issues to face after a divorce and at the Law Offices of Lauren H. Kane, our Philadelphia family lawyer can help you through all of them. Before you file for divorce, call us at 215-918-9453 or contact us online to schedule a consultation and to learn how we can help you through the process.

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