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FAQs About Divorce Mediation


It is easy to assume that if you are getting a divorce, you are facing a lengthy courtroom battle. Fortunately, that is not the case. There are many different ways to get divorced in Delaware County, including mediation and collaborative divorce. Mediation is highly misunderstood and many people do not understand the role a mediator plays, or what to expect during the process. To clear up the confusion, our Delaware County family lawyer has provided the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about mediation.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution for couples going through divorce, and others that are in a legal dispute. During the mediation process, a third party mediator will review the issues involved in your divorce with you and your spouse. They will try to foster communication and compromise so you can resolve your differences out of court. The mediator does not provide legal advice, and they remain neutral throughout the entire process. If you cannot reach an agreement during mediation, you can enter litigation during which a judge will make all the decisions in your case.

How Much Does Mediation Cost?

The cost of mediation varies from case to case, as it depends on the complexities of your case and the mediator you choose. However, mediation is always going to be less costly than litigation. In fact, that is one of the biggest benefits of mediation. Litigation incurs costs such as court fees, and attorneys will often charge more if they have to take your case to trial. Litigation also takes much longer and regardless of the type of divorce you get, the more time it takes, the more it will cost you.

How Long Does Mediation Take?

Again, the amount of time mediation takes will depend on the specifics of your case, and your willingness to come to an agreement with your spouse. Like the cost of divorce though, mediation generally does not take as long as litigation. When you go through court, you are subjected to certain waiting periods and long delays as you are at the mercy of the schedule of the court. Mediation will proceed fairly quickly and if you reach an agreement, it will likely take about six to eight weeks, although that can vary.

What Should I Look for in a Mediator?

The most important thing is that you are comfortable with your mediator. You will have to discuss personal details with them, and you must feel comfortable doing so. You should also choose a mediator that has extensive experience working with financial matters. Lastly, if your case involves child custody issues, make sure the mediator has an expert they will work with while resolving these terms.

Our Family Lawyer in Delaware County Can Help You Through Mediation

If you are going through a divorce and would like it resolved in a peaceful and efficient manner, our Philadelphia family lawyer can help. At the Law Offices of Lauren H. Kane, our seasoned attorney has successfully helped many clients through mediation, and we want to put our experience to work for you. Call us today at 215-918-9453 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.

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