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Do Political Differences Destroy Marriages?


This is a complicated question because, as we all know, social media has polarized discourse in such a manner as to destroy communication between disagreeing parties. In many cases, it can seem like political differences are beyond the capacity to overcome. Yet modern couples do have their own opinions and politics and they do not always mesh. So, how do some couples manage to save their marriage even if their partner doesn’t agree with them politically?

Shared values 

In most cases, folks can tell the difference between an individual who believes that a certain way of doing something is the correct way and an individual who doesn’t share the same values. Ultimately, a couple that does not share the same values may find it very difficult to work together to achieve a goal. There must be enough overlap between the two for there to be mutual respect on the matter. For example, a patriarch and a feminist would not make a good couple because ultimately, not only are their values different, but their goals for their lives are as well. Ultimately, one or the other individual would have to sell out their values completely, or both would have to compromise.

In most cases, someone with a traditional Christian background who believes in the value of the nuclear family may not necessarily believe that a woman must take a subordinate role and tend the house. Meanwhile, a feminist who dislikes patriarchy may not mind married life and having kids. That, ultimately, is a choice for every woman to make. So, while it may seem like the two have a different set of values, they actually have very similar values and the same goals.

When do politics break up marriages? 

Whenever there is a major change to a person’s personality, there is likely to be upheaval in their relationship. This is a newer phenomenon of online radicalization through community forums. Some of these are venting spaces and the politics that come out of it don’t tend to have a lot of respect for other people or their differences. This can sometimes cause a rapid change in a person’s personality. Not only do their politics shift, but their treatment of others, even their family members is impacted. Today, families are being broken up by online radicalization that fosters resentment and rage.

Political differences alone don’t destroy marriages 

A married couple may hold onto their own opinions while being part of a couple. That would be a sign of a healthy relationship. In cases where the couple’s goals no longer align, the marriage will not survive.

Sadly, political polarization is destroying families with COVID-19 and anti-vaccination being the latest matter destroying families.

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