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Philadelphia Family Lawyer > Montgomery County Child Support Lawyer

Montgomery County Child Support Lawyer

If you are a parent, you’re obligated to financially support your child until they are 18, or maybe longer if your child has special needs. This legal obligation applies no matter whether you are married, divorced, or if you have a child with someone you were never married to at any point. During a divorce in Pennsylvania, the court will determine child support along with custody matters. These matters are not always black and white and often involve litigation when you and your ex cannot agree on how much child support one of you will need to pay. Getting assistance from an experienced Montgomery County child support lawyer is highly recommended. Attorney Lauren H. Kane can help protect your rights and help you achieve a fair outcome in your Bala Cynwyd child custody battle.

How Pennsylvania Law Calculates Child Support

The Pennsylvania child support guidelines use the income shares model to decide how much child support should be ordered. The guidelines look at both parents’ net incomes and what their earning capacities are. Your children’s needs are also taken into account, along with how much ability the one parent has to pay. The family court judge might order either or both parents to cover medical support and may require the non-custodial parent to pay for health insurance if it’s available for a reasonable cost. Educational costs are also up to the court’s discretion. Pennsylvania law requires both parents to share responsibility for post-secondary education.

How a Montgomery County Divorce Lawyer Can Help with Child Support

Montgomery County divorce lawyer Lauren H. Kane can play a valuable role in determining child support as part of your divorce. She has over 38 years of experience handling Pennsylvania divorce matters, and she knows how to collect the pertinent information to help your claim for child support. The court will look at all income sources, such as wages, bonuses, business income, commissions, rents, dividends, retirement accounts, workers’ comp, lottery winnings, etc. We will make sure all income is completely reported and it’s reported accurately to ensure you are getting the right child support calculation. We can also look to uncover areas where a spouse has hidden income or underreported their income.

Even when you have calculated the guideline amounts, the Montgomery County family law judge is authorized to deviate from the listed amount if there are extraordinary expenses or unusual needs. If you need to argue for or against a deviation, the Law Offices of Lauren H. Kane is here to help. We will sit down with you and help you formulate a case strategy, gather all important evidence, and present a compelling case to the family court judge on why the deviation should or should not be granted in your Montgomery County child support case.

Contact a Pennsylvania Child Support Lawyer

Don’t go through your child support case alone; let a Montgomery County child support lawyer here. Contact the Law Offices of Lauren H. Kane at 215-918-9453 to review your case. Let us help you get the desired outcome in your child support case.

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